Friday, December 28, 2012

Australian Mystery Quilt and Christmas cont'd

the fun just does not stop for me. I am into day two of my mystery quilt class at Central Sewing with Marj O'Hara.  I am using a collection of fat quarters my friend Douglas brought me from Australia...years ago. I have my 20 blocks made and will now spend day 3 stringing the blocks together into a top.  Jury is still out on whether or not there will be more blocks (a border-less quilt is my preference over borders).

After class I was delighted that my children were all together at Cyndi's, who this spring has bought a house on Candy Cane Lane. This is a really big deal in this town. We had Christmas dinner together and then went for a walk and run on the Lane.
my granddaughters, Madison, Odessa, Hanna and Tanea

With family living either south or west of Edmonton, and now Larry gone to Fort MacMurry it is wonderful to have them together.
my entire crew posing in front of a neighbor's gingerbread house

Larry carrying Odessa and Brian carrying Madison

Me carrying Brian's Hat

Merry Christmas everyone

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Happy Studio Day

Happy happy studio day today to me.

I have my pieces, cut and labelled for tomorrow's start of the 3 Day Mystery Class with Marj O'Hara at Central Sewing. Stop in and say hi and check on which way 11 students will interpret the Casting Call for colours and themes.  I am using a collection of Australian themed fabrics brought back for me by my buddy Douglas Woodhouse when he traveled there...~8 years ago.  I have been waiting for just the perfect project and this is it.  I will be posting some pics of my/our progress on a daily basis. Next year you should consider joining us.

I also carved out a bit of time to make two more lovely block for my Sow-a-long with Randy over at the Barrister's Block.
# 68 Leaf Block

#69 Streaks of Lightning

Wishing you all a very relaxing day doing what ever suits you the best.

love and hugs


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lets Talk Turkey - Easy Street Part V

While we were not to make Fly Geese for this round, I did think that these 3 1/2" squares with wings looked like the celebrated bird of the season. There were only 64 to do, so the flock of Tumbling Turkeys came together quite quickly. Merry Christmas everyone.
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Found a name for this FWQ...

I found the name for my farmer's wife quilt...A Farm Girl at Heart,and I know just the girl that will receive it.

I love this little block, and yes I see that I need to better job of pressing that bottom row.
#67 Railroad

But tonight was Vegetable Somosa Night....Nummy!!

Easy Street - Part IV

I have had pieceful/peaceful hours alone to work on Easy Street Part IV and watch the pieces come together and the colours dance. 

The greens are cut and ready to play.

And I have used some of the leftovers on the table to make another in Randy's Sow-a-long blocks. A random one picked from the pile of those still waiting to be made (I am so far behind)...Missouri Star. It comes to together in a snap though using those great easy angle rulers.
#65 Missouri Star

I took part in a scrap-booking class on Saturday afternoon making a 2012 Christmas Recipe Album, taught by Kelly and her assistant/bff Sandra at the Urban Scrapbook. They did a terrific job steering all of us (10) through the many techniques and hunting through our stack of papers to get this almost to completion in 4 hours. I look forward to taking my own family's pictures and collecting the recipes that will make this a keepsake for years to come. 

Another project has been languishing in the bin since 2009...a bargello quilt for oldest son. He quietly (sometimes not so) watches the other quilts parade from studio and out the front door. So I have deviated from the original idea (as is my prerogative) and this will be a version of Trip Around the World (using Bonnie's lead here).

The highlight of the weekend has to be birthday supper with my beautiful granddaughter Tanea. So so precious. I have had the most enriching weekend...quietly and spiritually embracing everything around me and so thankful for all my family and friends.

My heart goes out to all those families grieving their unbearable loss.

#66 Connecticut Star
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merrilly I Sew-a-long..Dec 13, 2012

Time at home tonight to rest, knit and to make one more block in Randy's Sow-a-long.

I have been playing with the ideas of setting as I go.  Now with 64 made it would be impressive, however then I would have to take all 64 out of the special casing I have them. Arranging them on the design wall and start taking some pictures of the settings I like the most. Not to worry I would share those pictures with you.
#64 Boxes and Baskets

Monday, December 10, 2012

Part 3 Up and Ready

Part III of Easy Street was almost that...easy! But oh so pretty. 64 Shaded 4 patches ready and waiting. You too can check out some of the other over 200 that are participating around the world at Bonnie's Linky Party right here.

So with that out of the way it was time to head over to my daugther Cynthia's, where all willing volunteers helped to put together 9 kitchen transition kits for residents at the LaSalle Women's shelter. All the spoons, veg peelers, measuring cups, bowls and oven pans, etc etc  - enough to fill a large tub for each.  So full in fact that we had to wrap the roasters and food processor separately.

And if that wasn't enough we made golden/candy stripe beets pickles, as well as pickled carrots.  All produce donated by River Bend Gardens, in NE Edmonton. While we were doing that Cynthia was busy making pumpkin pies (6) from home baked New Zealand pumpkins. When I was finished peeling carrots and beets it was time to tackle the peeling and slicing of the apples for yet more pies (3). 

These pickles jewels will be used as thank you gifts for those who have donated to the Food Force for Women Project lead by my amazing daughter and her faithful family and friends (strangers are just friends you haven't met yet would apply in this case).

The pies and presents will all be part of the final cooking lesson on Monday night.  Cynthia will be on cloud nine about the time that I am writing this and I could not be more proud of her and those that have supported this initiative. As a survivor of family violence I so appreciate the work that she is doing and what champions her team are.

Time on my hands now....make more sew-a-long blocks with Randy over at Barrister's Block... shopping for little grandchildren's pj's (my traditional gift - since Santa brings the toys).

love and hugs to all

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merrily I Sow-a-long

I have got to get back to Randy's Sow-a-long and get caught up. I present to you tonight, courtesy of that pile of scraps from Bonnie Hunters' Easy Street....
another beautiful little block using these purples...
#63 Dove in the Window

Two of my favourite tools aside from the Easy Angle Ruler and the Companion Ruler is Mary Ellen's Best Press (lavender scented) and a dry Iron.
Tomorrow it is off to Ponoka to watch Tanea and Odessa's dance recital...Grandma can hardly wait.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scrap User System

While making the flying geese for this week's clue over on Easy Street I was left with some snippets that to anyone else (some exceptions) would have gone in the dumpster.

I measure and cut these bits into 1 1/2" inch 'strips' and using my Easy Angle...viola a collection of purple hst bound triangles to make the 28 hst's for another block for my Farmer's Wife Quilt sow-a-long lead by Randy at Barrister's Block.

I love the fact that I could use those bits up and work on two great quilts simultaneously. Of note, this beautiful block finishes at 6".

#62 Indian Plume

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street - Part II

Five years ago my daughter Cynthia had this fabulous fabric created using pictures of my babies (oldest now 42) and their babies (my grandchildren). This was created prior to the arrival of my Madie Ann. I have been so conflicted in finding a project to use it on. But when Bonnie Hunter called for a black and white background, I had found my project.  I am having to fussy cut their sweet baby faces, but there will be no saving having to shave some ears or chins, unless the pieces get a little bit larger.  It will be the classic game of peek-a-boo. 

Here are sisters Odessa and Tanea. I will be introducing others as the quilt progresses.
In the meantime I have made my 128 flying geese units and am ready for Part III.

I also want to share my new Christmas toes done by Tatiana...she never disappoints me with her designs, pictured here on one of my selvedge crocheted rugs.
I spent yesterday at my grandson's 9th birthday party at Niton Junction (90 minutes west of Edmonton) and it was a picture perfect display of hoar frost.

Between clues

While I was waiting for the next clue in the Easy Street Mystery quilt I am making/knitting shrugs. Luscious huggable shoulder wraps that feel sooooo amazing. Especially when the main ingredient is merino.

And I made another one for myself in this fabulous mustard/green/blue blend (the clothing pin from my good friend Maureen Devich).  The possibilities are endless. Here I am with my buddy Eleanor Saito at the Edmonton Police Service volunteer appreciation brunch on Saturday, Dec 1, 2012.

Thank you to pattern designer Sarah Punderson @2006 Plymouth Yarn Co Pattern #1188.... Be sure to respect copyright and support pattern designers.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Started down Easy Street

Over at Bonnie K. Hunter has generously started a new mystery quilt: Easy Street.  Handing one clue a week for several weeks she will lead us through heaping piles of four patches, hst's, or maybe even qst's...but she does promise that there will be no strings.

Clue #1 has us making four patches - 192. My colour palette will closely follow Bonnie's;1) because the colours she has recommended sound perfect to me 2) why mess with perfection. I was doing some kas-stash shopping I came across this thunder-struck gray and I know it is from 2001. However there will be nothing but a memory left once I am done this quilt. It was fun to sew together a Debbie Mumm to a Mark Lipinski...hey maybe these two opposites will play along very nicely in my quilt.

Bonnie has also given us instructions for doing the interior four-patch twirl...sounds like a little dance number. This opens that interior intersection and your little four-top will lie as flat as hardtop. So far 100 are made and the 92 remaining are waiting their turn.

I also have my hand block ready to send off to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.  My very good friend (Kim Caskey) and I are co-hosting a 9-day Enchanted Tour of Ireland, June 5 - 13, 2013 and are sew hoping you will join our tour.  We have special sights and activities planned: I Spy with a Quilter's Eye is just one.  There is still room on our coach, and if need be, we will get a second one.

This block with be added along with 100's more the the 100,000 welcomes Quilt that will greet visitors to the Quilter's Castle in Galway, June 2013.  Anyone can make a block to send, even if you can not make it :-(. I would be more than delighted to send you the instructions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hello everyone
No I have not dropped off the planet.  Just been away being very very busy, with just some highlights shown. Since I was last here, I have been on an amazing holiday(s) starting in Western Newfoundland/Labrador

Iceberg in Gulf of St. Lawrence. That is Labrador on the horizon, the picture taken by the side of the road in Western Newfoundland.

A visit to Fogo Island

Summer garden chores,

a week in Halifax at the Canadian Quilters' Association conference,

My Rainy Day Umbrellas...a Joyce O'Connell's class
a week in New Brunswick visiting my very good friend Rhonda Reid.  While there we created this 'door plaque' for her son Shea serving in Afganishtan.
spending time visiting my precious grandchildren on the farm

Finishing a summer-time birthday quilt for my Odessa

a wedding in Whitecourt Alberta for my nephew Billy to marry his beautiful Nancy

a quilt show in a Duncan British Columbia sheep pasture

a weekend on Campbell River/Vancouver Island at my nephew James' wedding to his beautiful Stephanie,

a quilter's retreat in Jasper : Quilting in the Lazy Bear Lounge (aka Pine Bungalows, Jasper National Park)
Welcoming committee to Quilting in the Lazy Bear Lounge
and busy busy planning for a trip to Ireland in June 2013 with my good friend Kim Caskey.

 It is time to get caught up!!!
I will be visiting you more often now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh is Friday!!

#59 End of Day, a good block for a TGIF
Giant May Day tree at the end of the block

  I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful blooming city.  Right now there blooms at every turn. I do enjoy the city at this time of year.

Double Flowering Plum starting to flower in my neighbor's front yard

Theissen Saskatoon Bush in my backyard.

Smoky Saskatoon...not doing as well as its neighbor Theissen Saskatoon. Keep this in mind if you are shopping for a saskatoon bush this spring.

Evan's Cherry in my front yard just starting to bloom

Nanking Cherry at my transfer point

#60. Economy
#61 Kitchen Woodbox