Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sweet Bird

On the RSC2016, the colour of the month is brown, with an accent of pink. I have been busy making chocolate strings blocks, catching up on a few LQS endeavours (Gypsy Wife - started Feb 20) .

I have FINALLY made my first few Figure 8's with Chocolate and re-purposed embroidery pieces.
Other things are out of the way for now, and my cutting is done...just a matter of getting them sewn together. 

But I wanted to check in at the linky party for other just desserts of the chocolate nature, click here.

Love and hugs

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Quilter's Bucket List

I am sure that we all have one. There are different types of bucket list...for Travelers, Foodies, know where I am going with this. Quilters at least have those quilts on their bucket list that you just have to have made at least one. Please feel free to edit this list to your own liking. But mine goes something like this: a hand pieced hand quilted Grandmother's Flower Garden (1), a Dresden Plate (hand pieced and hand quilted) (3), a Dear Jane (0), a Baltimore Album (0) or a New York Beauty (started).

I have taken the plunge. I have had Karen Stone's iconic paper pieced pattern book on my shelf for years...the book was printed in 1995 (you do the math).
So in addition to following along with Angela's RSC16, and using up the colour blue for the month of January, making string blocks and the requisite Twinkle stars, I have also started MY New York Beauty. My rationale is to following along using the 'colour' of the month and just keep adding to the blocks. Which, are coming together surprisingly 'easy' (for fear of jinxing the process).

I love those sharp pointed spires! The sewing of the arcs and folding the fabric back is a magical moment.

Thou shall not forsake other works-in-progress though. My Quilty 365 Temperature Chart has taken a surprising leap into the aqua blues this week with some unseasonably high temperatures - for Alberta. There we have it. January is done.

In keeping with all things Chocolate and Hearts and Love and Kisses, I have finally finished my Star Gazey Heartz quilt. These were pieces and parts of hearts, some whole hearts that I bought at a guild garage sale quite a few years ago. I 'edited' the stack, made a few more...and just like that I have a new (to me) Valentines quilt to display in our front office.
I used a 'vintage' brown and pink paisley for the sleeve and binding.

A good friend of mine has given me a small jar of buttons from her MIL that has moved into extended care and I have used those in a small crazy quilt piece that I have started. The background are 4 chocolate string blocks and I shall continue to embellish until I am satisfied that I have done enough.

Linking up to SoScrappy to view other quilters savouring the chocolate.

Love and hugs