Monday, December 14, 2015

Allietare Part 3 - Done!

Such a sense of accomplishment to get the Bonnie Hunter MQ Allietare clues caught up todate.

That and getting ready for Christmas with bindings to get sewn onto quilted presents for my grandchildren. I have a zillion miles of binding left to go!! All quilts have been quilted by Kim Caskey Custom Quilting in Edmonton (and photo credits as marked).

Grand Illusion, the very generous 2014 Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter, itinerant and prolific quilter, from Quiltville (& from her mountain retreat aka Quiltvilla). The backing on this is a chevron blue white and grey minky and my granddaughter is going to love it.

Tumalo Trail, a brilliant way to use those 2" squares. Another fabulous pattern from Bonnie Hunter's book Scraps & Shirttails II, Continuing the Art of Quilting Green. Bonnie used 1.5" in her's, but I have had a stack of 2" to use up...Quilting Green.

My Little Irish Dream, a Disappearing 9 Patch using up some of the delightful shamrock phat quarters (even the thread colour is named "Limerick") that I have bought over the past 3 visits to Ireland with Celtic Quilt Tours. We always have a fabulous time and you should come with us. They have also added quilt tours to Scotland and France to the list. So much quilting fun around the world and so little time!

Enough blogging for one night, I have binding to sew on!!!
I am connecting to Quiltville, click over here to see the progress and fun going on in the name of Allietare.
my love and hugs to all

Saturday, November 28, 2015

RSC15 Finish

There is no lingering lime this week, however there is much to be excited about. My quick little leader and ender, this blue barn raising quilt made with 4 patches and bricks, is almost done!!! I am also getting closer to the bottom of the 2" bin. Seemed so unlikely 4000 squares ago that it could actually happen. This is one of those quilts that will benefit from a couple of borders.

I have been prowling the bins and drawers in this quilt studio pulling the fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's Alletiare!. Let the celebrations begin...the big reveal of the first clue was Friday. Love the golden sun drenched cheddars,  big reds, stoic grey, reverent blacks and slide-on-by neutrals. Ready. Set. Cut. Sew.

But the BEST NEWS: I am doing a great reveal of my RSC15, quilted by the very talented Kim Caskey Custom Quilting.

I need to gather up the bits and pieces and make room for this new mystery. I have loved doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. It really opened up my eyes as to the potential in all of my bottom-of-the-bin scraps and how much more efficient it is to have them organized (by colour) and ready to sew. Either as string blocks or as these prescribed Sawtooth Star treasures.Thank you all for the prompts and suggestions for getting organized. Check out the other lime-lovelies over here at SoScrappy.

my love and hugs to you all

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Catching up...again

I feel like that short legged cousin who when you go for a walk, is always running to catch up. There is lots of fun going on, but how to keep up with it all. I am closing in on completing all of my Christmas presents  and it time to deliver these quilts to my LA and to fill those reserved spots.

I have finished to Tumalo Trails top (76" square), pattern by Bonnie Hunter from her Scraps & Shirting II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green. It is ready to go to Kim Caskey Custom Quilting. That has used up 'some' of my 2" colour wash squares, unlike Bonnie who used 1.5" in her original pattern

and "Grand Illusions" is also off the LA.

The RSC15 is coming together beautifully! I will have a reserved spot for sometime in the new year. I think it deserves so custom detailing rather than a panto. I love these lime green blocks in here. To check up on other lime green loveliness head over to SoScrappy.

And getting right in the upcoming holiday mode, I got a few Christmas Baubles together with a glue gun on a Sunday afternoon. This is the happy result, a jewel toned wreath (click on the photo to enlarge).

Love and hugs to all

Saturday, October 24, 2015

UFOs...why I start them

UFO, are not unto themselves such a bad thing. (Says she will a list an arm length long). But think about it, UFO can best be described as a creative idea expressed in fabric (for quilter artists), in glass (for glass artists), in yarn (for knitters), in embroidery thread (for needle crafters), and so on. To make my point about carpenters I only have to point the camera in the direction of my son's wood shop. I digress.

So I saw a great 2" scrap buster over on Quiltville. Two four patches joined end to end and paired with a 3.5" by 6.5" and set staggered style...or Barn Raising...I doodled the design down and made a few rows to capture the essence of the pattern. I have used blue as my dominate colour of the larger rectangles, but the 2" bits are anything goes. This will now become my leader and ender project.

I used blue and cut pieces as I hunted through the drawers and bins looking for just the right bright pinks, oranges, turquoise and blues for my next weekend class at Earthly Goods.
We will be using this ruler and pattern.

This yellow gray is my background choice.

I KNOW I am my own worst enemy.

Back to my UFO pile: it will be seriously be worked on between now and Christmas, as a few of these have been identified as presents for my grandchildren.

Today I am getting the Tumalo Trail put together, all the blocks are made, and the backing ironed. 
I love these cows! This is for the oldest grandson, born into a family of ranchers. Enter the brown theme for the SoScrappy aficionados that are keeping up with making all sorts of lovely chocolate, mocha, and espresso flavored blocks.

Much love and hugs to you all

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Busy is as Busy does

I love this new "Kick" block, and how it emphasis that simple piecing can be so attractive.
On Thanksgiving Monday I was happy to get going on my RSC2015 and get the first two rows together. I have chosen to take my brown alternate blocks to the upper border. All this while I listened to an audiobook, Ysabel by Guy Cavriel Kay. This was my first fantasy I want to listen to more that he has written.

These mocha, caramel and chocolate string blocks are just gorgeous. Wont be long before they get featured in a quilt. Just haven't come up with that design yet.
Today I have been in a class at Earthly Goods Quilting taking the Necessary Clutch Wallet class. A fabulous wallet designed by Janelle MacKay of Emmalinebags. The exterior I chose is/was a tea towel I bought in Ireland (June 2015) made by Avoca Mills. The Bright as a Button fabric is so cheery. I moved the teatowel label to suit myseld. This wallet will hold it all. Phone, lipstick, my cable needle, coins, cards...what you don't carry a cable needle with you?

Betty Ann Gandall, my favourite bag lady did a fabulous job of taking us through our paces. She is amazing, knows all the short cuts and just how to make every project just perfect.

I am connecting up with SoScrappy to share all the mocha and chocolaty loveliness.

love and hugs...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Making the best of a holiday

 I am making the most of my holiday Monday. I am working in the studio, doing laundry, soup pot on.

This is the LAST of the  RSC15 blocks. Now the joy of making connector blocks will now begin in earnest.

With the 2" scraps I have made another 16 patch-in-a-Sawtooth Star.

Love and hugs

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thankfull for a warm and overflowing brown

This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and as I look around I have so much to be thankful for. A warm home for my family, full studio, time to create, dear friends, good health...the list goes on and on.

Time to create this week has been focused tidying the studio, working on some chocolate and mocha string blocks. These are so rich and lovely and I do look forward to using them in a quilt, as yet of a design unknown!

The 16-Patch-in-a-Sawtooth blocks (well more like mocha and caramel).

And some decluttering of the storage room...long overdue.

I am linking up to all of those celebrating the colour brown over at SoScrappy.

Love and hugs to you all

Monday, October 5, 2015

Scotland was amazing

I am back from a 10 day textile tour with Celtic Quilt Tours in bonny Scotland. We saw castles and cattle. Edinburgh has both a castle and a palace! We had brushes with royalty, in Edinburgh, Prince Andrew -Duke of York, and in Dundee, Prince Charles and Camila. No pictures, their motorcades were much too fast.

We saw amazing textile factories like the historic Verdant Jute Mills in Dundee and the now restored Knockando Woolen Mills near Aberdeen.

If I had had a computer with me I would have tried to blog about it, but in a pinch I did post pictures to Facebook. All of the pictures are public, so if you just search my name (and "friend" me) you will get to see lots of inspirational sights and happening.

We attended a patchwork class with Ann Hill where we (Canadian and American travelers) were paired with a Scottish quilter. We exchanged gifts, ideas and addresses. I have amended my block to include a hour-glass border. My thistle was made with a yo-yo that was in my sewing kit and a piece of fringed tartan that had been gifted to me from a scrap found in the Edinburgh Castle Woolen Mills shop. My piece is ready to quilt and be added to my "Textile Techniques Book".
That half day class was followed by the VIQ dinner (Very Important Quilter) and the International Gathering of the Guilds, with guest speakers, from Scotland, Ireland, USA and Canada. It was a highly charged and entertaining evening with much laughter and the most splendid Show and Tell! What a great event.

I am home now with laundry done and souvenir fabrics spread out on the table. These are so fun to have with the memories that came with each stop; Melrose, Peebles, Latham, Linlithgow and Glasgow patchwork shops. And the tartans from my new quilting day partner and friend- Ann.

My friend Kim Caskey was in Devanter Netherlands to give a presentation to the Dear Jane club there. She then shopped her way through France and Germany before joining us in Scotland. Because she knew I was working with orange in September, she bought me these two beautiful phat-quarters.
So, speaking of orange I finished the last of the orange twirly blocks last night.

To ease my way back into studio life I have worked on some brown string blocks and the first Chocolate block, looks like a Maltese Cross Medal to me.
I may be late to the party, but I am hooking up to SoScrappy over here.
love and hugs

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Orange you glad it's September

Orange you glad it is September and you get to play with all these oranges??!! I am loving these two sampler blocks as provided by Angela over at SoScrappy.

Meet Whirler
and Twirler
I cannot stop making the orange string blocks and some have already found there way into the next quilt. Remember the poppy painting from April? When I showed the picture to my 11 year old grandson, he asked innocently enough, "what about copyright Grandma"?

Well Ty, this quilt will be called "Poppyright", and it has been fun using up my yellow string blocks for the background, and red blocks for the poppies, and the green for the leaves (to come next), and the 'light orange' blocks down the left side and across the bottom to define the light coming in from upper right. I LOVE it, and this is what shall be waiting for me when I am back to the design wall in October. There are several more poppies to be added. I am just freehand drawing those on to Steam-a-seam and placing them randomly on the back of my red string blocks.

 Ditto for the leaves which are being made of the green string blocks. I am using metres and metres of green bias 'tape' that my late friend Lou Punko had made for the stems. This photo does not show the brilliance of the yellow. I will have a better shot outside to better capture the true colours once it is complete.
Check out all my friends sewing up lovely orange goodness over at SoScrappy.
Love and hugs....

Friday, September 18, 2015

4 x 2 =3.5 + 5" = 4.75"sqare

Only a quilter will get that you sew together 4 2" squares to have a 3.5" square. As invited to do so several months ago by Edyth Sitar, and that is what I have been using as my L/E's. I have been using my aged colourwash squares, which I have have added to over the years, or have been gifted, or have bought others at guild garage sales. I am getting a bit of a stack and what to do with them?

To this you add 4 triangles cut from a single 5"square to your 3.5" square and

 ...ta is sewn back together as a 4.75" square. And yes, I know it is nothing but bias outside edges, but this is where Mary Ellen's Best Press is saving my day.

I have been in several 6" and 5" scrap swaps over my 30+ years of quilting, and it is now time to clean out that bin. As you will confirm, some of these are really 'vintage' fabrics.

I played with settings for a while, I think I love this 'seminole' setting between two spacing bars. Though this Jinny Beyers is too dark.

And this grey is too wimpy...

I have unearthed a few more choices and think I have found the one that will work for me. Stand by for the final reveal. It is time to sew up this stash!

But in the meantime, I am getting ready to head to Scotland with CelticQuilt Tours. Be back online and on topic (scrap quilting) in October.
Love and hugs