Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to the studio

I have been procrastinating long enough. Time to get back into the studio and working on my blog. Tackling THE list of UFO's should be a priority this coming fall and winter. (Will post that another day) And then there is the guild's bi-annual show coming up next June 2015.  http://edqg.ca/index.php/edmontonfestivalofquilts Must make something special for that.

But first there was the garden to start cleaning up.

My grandchildren will be so happy that there are more 'ponkins' to be making more pies with. All I have to do is make sure there in mash in the freezer when they get to Aunty Cyndi's and an hour later...let there be pies.

Lezley Zwaal, Coordinator of Quilts of Valour-Canada had a wonderful idea to put Northcott sponsored fabrics and a pattern into these wonder autumnal-maple-leaf cups and for a nominal donation, you came away with enough fabric and instructions to make the enclosed square. These blocks are then distributed across Canada to quilt-top makers/finishers. That way a quilt for an active or retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces receives a quilt made by quilter from across the country. http://www.quiltsofvalour.ca/ Very well done my friend Lez.

It is de-cluttering time in my studio and every week I have another bundle of either books or fabrics to share with my vast and varied friends in the quilting world around me. Happy quilting and hugs