Saturday, November 28, 2015

RSC15 Finish

There is no lingering lime this week, however there is much to be excited about. My quick little leader and ender, this blue barn raising quilt made with 4 patches and bricks, is almost done!!! I am also getting closer to the bottom of the 2" bin. Seemed so unlikely 4000 squares ago that it could actually happen. This is one of those quilts that will benefit from a couple of borders.

I have been prowling the bins and drawers in this quilt studio pulling the fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's Alletiare!. Let the celebrations begin...the big reveal of the first clue was Friday. Love the golden sun drenched cheddars,  big reds, stoic grey, reverent blacks and slide-on-by neutrals. Ready. Set. Cut. Sew.

But the BEST NEWS: I am doing a great reveal of my RSC15, quilted by the very talented Kim Caskey Custom Quilting.

I need to gather up the bits and pieces and make room for this new mystery. I have loved doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. It really opened up my eyes as to the potential in all of my bottom-of-the-bin scraps and how much more efficient it is to have them organized (by colour) and ready to sew. Either as string blocks or as these prescribed Sawtooth Star treasures.Thank you all for the prompts and suggestions for getting organized. Check out the other lime-lovelies over here at SoScrappy.

my love and hugs to you all

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Catching up...again

I feel like that short legged cousin who when you go for a walk, is always running to catch up. There is lots of fun going on, but how to keep up with it all. I am closing in on completing all of my Christmas presents  and it time to deliver these quilts to my LA and to fill those reserved spots.

I have finished to Tumalo Trails top (76" square), pattern by Bonnie Hunter from her Scraps & Shirting II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green. It is ready to go to Kim Caskey Custom Quilting. That has used up 'some' of my 2" colour wash squares, unlike Bonnie who used 1.5" in her original pattern

and "Grand Illusions" is also off the LA.

The RSC15 is coming together beautifully! I will have a reserved spot for sometime in the new year. I think it deserves so custom detailing rather than a panto. I love these lime green blocks in here. To check up on other lime green loveliness head over to SoScrappy.

And getting right in the upcoming holiday mode, I got a few Christmas Baubles together with a glue gun on a Sunday afternoon. This is the happy result, a jewel toned wreath (click on the photo to enlarge).

Love and hugs to all