Thursday, September 8, 2011

Technique Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursday)

my very good friend Elinor Burwash and I are working our way through Fabric Embellishing, The basics and beyond: by Chandler, Kettle, Thomas and Vlcek. While Elinor will be making her samples into a Sampler Wall-hanging, I have gone with one of the recommendations in the book, and I am making mine into a fibre book.

We get together at Elinor's and she very kindly and generously provides me with a meal, amazing dessert and the use of one of her Berninas.

Week one was about weaving fabrics. I chose a painted fabric that I had bought from Cathy Tomm and wove that with a chunk of 'lace' tablecloth that was full of holes. I finished it off my first page with hand embroidery, machine quilting, seed stitching, buttons and beading.

Week two was about adding Stitches and Bits to Tucks.