Friday, November 29, 2013

My Celtic Summer Solstice

I was so fortunate to co-host a tour of southern Ireland in June 2013 with my good friend Kim Caskey. Together with another group from BC led by our friend Gloria Rieben we toured all the must-sees on a first time trip to Ireland. We were together on a Kerry Coach with our driver Tony (with a y) seeing the sights and hearing the stories.

Like Bonnie Hunter's tour we too visited the Cliff's of Moher. I give credit to Bonnie as I am once again participating in her Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt and have this one of our own photos taken at the Cliffs of Moher as my constant inspiration. 

You too can visit here, as we are returning June 2014 to Ireland once again, Quilt Tours of Ireland. We will be mixing it up just a bit and including 6 Quilt Shops and Wool Shop and Sheep Farm and ... and. Quilt Tour 2014 promises to be!

Back to the Celtic Solstice; I will be cutting and sewing tonight! Here is a sample range of the fabric I will using.

Love and hugs