Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Copyright question?

Amongst my other projects I did dig into the purple bag again for some scraps to make the next of the RSC15 blocks, this one Broken Sugar Dish.

I went for an early birthday brunch today to Glenora Bistro with my daughter, son and DIL and grandchildren. I showed the following picture to my 11 year old grandson and said I thought this would make a great quilt. He asked, "what about copyright?" So here is my question: what 11 year old asks such a thing, and can I make a quilt inspired by this painting? I cannot show it and accept a prize. I cannot sell it. Am I on the correct path here? Because I really want to use my stack of yellow string blocks for the background and free style the poppies. Already I have a name for it: Bistro Poppies.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Passion for Purple

This new purple Carrie Nation block is going to be just stunning in our Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts. And to think there are still 8 months/colours to go! Thanks to Angela at SoScrappy for her leadership with these.

Remember January = Blue? One of the projects that I took on was blue slabs and the creation of a slab quilt, so named by Cheryl Arkison, author of Sunday Morning Quilts. My friend Kerri saw my completed top and just knew that she wanted to use it to practice her LA ruler work. How could I turn down such an offer? Well, I don't think she needs much more practice. This quilt is now phenomenal (click on the photo for a closer view). Binding will be sewing on tonight.

I am sooooo close to having my RRCB completed. I showed it last night at my bee group and my good friends asked so innocently..."do you want to know if you have a piece in backwards"? Are you kidding me. So un-sew I did, and now I believe I have it. Not ready to show in the wider audience yet...but one day soon.

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Love and hugs

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April = Purple

April = Purple. Think of crocus and pasque flowers. Somewhere in the world there is a warm south facing hillside where they are blooming, alas not in my garden. However, there are other sources for this wonderful colour to show up in the studio. So in the meantime, bring on the 2 gallon bag of purple scraps.
By scrounging through this bag of purple scraps and cutting 16 x 2" squares = 16 patch set in Sawtooth Star.

 I had a little game of catch up with the 2" pink = February, that I needed to get set into it's Sawtooth Star. Now I am caught up on the Sawtooth Stars with 16 patch centres.

Thank You cards created with tiny purple 'sweaters' ready to give to travelers that will be traveling with us to Ireland in June 2015. Us = Celtic Quilt Tours.
And there was some time to get started on the next round of string blocks
1st purple string block
It is now time to get the border units sewn onto my RRCB. This comfy quilt will be ready for filmsy reveal very very soon.

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Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.
Love and hugs