Monday, November 26, 2012

Started down Easy Street

Over at Bonnie K. Hunter has generously started a new mystery quilt: Easy Street.  Handing one clue a week for several weeks she will lead us through heaping piles of four patches, hst's, or maybe even qst's...but she does promise that there will be no strings.

Clue #1 has us making four patches - 192. My colour palette will closely follow Bonnie's;1) because the colours she has recommended sound perfect to me 2) why mess with perfection. I was doing some kas-stash shopping I came across this thunder-struck gray and I know it is from 2001. However there will be nothing but a memory left once I am done this quilt. It was fun to sew together a Debbie Mumm to a Mark Lipinski...hey maybe these two opposites will play along very nicely in my quilt.

Bonnie has also given us instructions for doing the interior four-patch twirl...sounds like a little dance number. This opens that interior intersection and your little four-top will lie as flat as hardtop. So far 100 are made and the 92 remaining are waiting their turn.

I also have my hand block ready to send off to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.  My very good friend (Kim Caskey) and I are co-hosting a 9-day Enchanted Tour of Ireland, June 5 - 13, 2013 and are sew hoping you will join our tour.  We have special sights and activities planned: I Spy with a Quilter's Eye is just one.  There is still room on our coach, and if need be, we will get a second one.

This block with be added along with 100's more the the 100,000 welcomes Quilt that will greet visitors to the Quilter's Castle in Galway, June 2013.  Anyone can make a block to send, even if you can not make it :-(. I would be more than delighted to send you the instructions.