Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Art & Sewl

This past weekend I participated in the Art&Sewl weekend. Traditional Pastimes name for the ART FEST this spring. This was a bender of a weekend, extended hours 6 - 11 on Friday, 10 - 10 on Saturday and a final push of 11 - 5 on Sunday.

Oh, but wait to see what we have created. Lusious and encrusted, fabulous pages times 12. Two instructors, Kim Caskey, fabric artist and Kathleen Sundby, paper artist. Two mediums meeting on the path to gloriousness. Enough build up, here are some of the pages and the techniques we used.

This Fairy Page we were given the ribbons, papers, buttons and picture to laydown and sew to the canvas backing.
This particular page could be one of my favourites, especially as it shows the fantastic difference a little layering can create. Rumage around in the bin of little bits of lace and gifts from other artists, add a few buttons which I just happened to have with me, and viola...and most beautiful presentation.

There will be more pages to share tomorrow, and let us not forget the cover!!
love and hugs