Saturday, May 12, 2018

More pink strings

While working on my guild's 40th Anniversary challenge quilt (can't show, must keep a secret from the judges), I have making up pink strings. It seems I have a LOT of pink strings that need sewing up. And I love the analogous run of yellow to orange to pink together.

And I have completed the Squared Away blocks in pink, Baton Rouge. They are so fun and I love the movement in these blocks.

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love and hugs to you all, and happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

One Pink String

It is a beautiful Sunday morning as I write this. I love morning light. And this morning it was especially ethereal and was enough to make up for any other dreary day...EVER!

I have been steadily working away at purging and disposing of 'stuff', and yesterday was a big shred day. I only opened one file cabinet drawer and pulled out files that were last opened in 1999. Time to go! Not the least of which was the health file for Miss Kitty, who crossed the rainbow bridge 10 years ago.

I have put the binding on my Good Samaritan quilt. Lady, pattern by Villa Rosa Design, shown here in flimsy to finished. I love the backing fabric and was able to salvage enough and piece it together for the binding, with just a scrap strip leftover that has gone into the yellow scrap strings bin.

I have got my RSC2018 pink and rose scrap strings reduction started and made this one happy scrappy string block.

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love and hugs

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Playing with colour...

I may be thinking ahead to the month of May and the colour pink (colour of the month over at SoScrappy), while I sew and count up the final numbers of yellow string blocks. I think the final numbers for April are 35. (plus a few more that aren't pictured) This makes a fabulous addition to the string inventory, and when the mood strikes to make a string quilt, then I am ready, no matter the time of day or night.

It was a privilege to attend Wanda Cracknell's colour class II this past Friday at Spools:The Workshop, in Leduc. It was also so much fun to shop after class with my friend Heather. She wants to do a true colour wheel quilt based on the principles we learned in class. Here are the pieces that she acquired at Quincy's (also in Leduc).

 luscious luscious! Everyone in the store just wanted to pet these fabrics. She will use a black on black for her background, as a lesson learned from examples shown earlier in our class.

This week is off to a rocking good start.
Love and hugs