Friday, January 24, 2014

Take inventory...!

I am reminded to have a good hard look at my studio, and who am I kidding. In how many life times do I think that I will get all this beautiful fabric sewn up into quilts. I shall commit right here and right now that there is a 4 month ban on fabric purchases, with the only exception to be the fireside backing required for Devin's quilt. Making it manageable chunks of 4 months at a time is more achievable than anything longer.
Devin's Spidey quilt

Because if I don't sew it up, how much will it sell for in the great-here-after garage sale? Better that my granchildren and friends have quilts to remember me by, than the work of cleaning out my studio!

Also my buttons, while they are love conversation pieces, I have got to get those incorporated into some are pieces. I have a (what I think) is a fabulous idea to do with my mother of pearl and best red and pink glass buttons. Good friend Wanda Cracknell and I have put our creative heads together and I am sure it is going to be delightful. Well that will take care of 200 buttons, now what about the other 2000.