Sunday, April 21, 2013

A popular kind of green

My colleague and very good friend Vera Missen and I buy all the raffle tickets for organizations that we support.  This time it was the Edmonton Humane Society (aka SPCA and local pound). Well!!!!!! This week we were the recipients of the grand prize draw ($10,000)...a very different, though very popular, kind of green.

The little teacup Yorkie, JR, belongs to my granddaughter.

Love and hugs

Saturday, April 13, 2013

keep on Greenin'

SoScrappy is leading the scrappy charge for April and suggests we use up those green scraps. I am dedicating my green scraps to my other challenge, Farm Girl at Heart, another project lead by Randy over at the Barrister's Block. Two-birds-one-rock time.
This and That

No where is it written that we cannot move to some very old blue greens in the pursuit of scrappy happiness.

Darting Birds Set

I had great intentions to make one a day for the past week, but LIFE happened. So in the days ahead I will have to double my efforts to achieve my goal.

They are a little infectious, just want to quit my day job and make little tiny quilt blocks. This block, Chained Star, features some very-greyed out greens, but green none-the-less.

Chained Star
On Wednesday night my bee group met here and we auditioned sashings and cornerstones....standby for updates on that. There are still another 30 blocks, more or less, to make. In the meantime, are you wondering what others are doing with their green scraps...head over here.

Love and hugs

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farm Girl at Heart...cont'd

# 80 Carrie Nation
This is such a light airy block...just love it. I was delighted to use some tiny amber coloured 1 1/4" squares from my friend Brandis, leftovers from a mystery class we took part in 3 years ago.  Is that too long to keep those tiny pieces?
Patio Lanterns that I made with my tiny 1 1/4" pieces from the same class. The Quilt pattern was called Trail Mix.
One of the other benefits of quilting is coming across a block named Carrie Nation. The discussion could end there, or I could Google this name and learn about the very determined woman from the American Temperance League that this block was named for.

This experience reminded me of when I used to collect stamps as a young teen and I wondered who was this Alfred Noble guy that was featured on so many of the Swedish stamps.

Keep on asking questions, keep on learning, keep on creating.

love and hugs

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April means Green

April means green over at SoScrappy this month. We are all encouraged to get those green scraps out and used up. So while I do have a "few" WIP, I think I will put some concerted efforts into adding greens to my Farm Girl at Heart Quilt and close the gap on the finish line.

# 81 Gentleman's Fancy
Not an unrealistic goal when I consider that this is #81 out of a possible 111. Heck, if I applied the "1 a Day" theme here, I might see the end of this before May rolls in.  Fingers crossed folks.

Check out what others are accomplishing over at SoScrappy in the name of Green. Of course this also makes me just a little bit more excited (if that is possible) to be going to Ireland in just 62 days with Sew Many Places and the International Quilt Festival of know you want to come with Kim Caskey and I! Check out Kim's photos and experiences from her time there in 2012 and get back to me with just how excited you are to come with us.

love and hugs