Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grand Illusions: This Chick's been busy

This chick been busy. There are a lineup of UFOs facing me, however this does not prevent me from starting the much anticipated yearly offering of the new mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. There are 8 weeks of intensive sewing to stay caught up (if that's what your life allows) or to simply get the cutting and a few sewn each week.

So what is the difference between this project and the other UFO's languishing on the perimeters of the desk top? Perhaps the fact that there is a Linky party on Monday mornings, and virtual Show & Tell of those that are participating from around the world? It is very motivating to be up to speed (so to speak) with 100s of quilters around the world, to oooh and aaah over their prowess with colours choices/substitutions and sewing accuracy.

In any case this chick has chosen to go scrappy all the way with this mystery. You will note the vintage pink calico!! As an aside will I ever in my lifetime get all this sewn up into quilts for my family, friends and community.

Broken dishes blocks made (and some awaiting a final press)
and the 80 hst's set aside for later.

Have a great week all and see you back here next Monday. To see other Grand Illusion MQs head over to Bonnie Hunters Linky party.