Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday night in the Studio at 106B

sewing along on my "Farm Girl at Heart" quilt. Hosted by Randy over at Barrister's Block. It has been wonderful to sew on these blocks and I look at every scrap so differently now.  How small is too small, well the pieces that I used in tonight's  blocks were 1.5". I would normally have thought that was too weenie teenie, but now I am quite comfortable doing that size.
#73 XQuiste

and sewing some more, all this in action is a 6 inch square. How much fun is that.

#74 Tic Tac Toe
closing in on the finish line only 28 to go, then it is stashing, cornerstones and borders time.

And only 135 days until I go to Ireland with Sew Many Places. And you should come with us. We are going to have the most amazing time.

love and hugs


  1. Your blocks look great--and you aren't that far from the finish.
    You lucky gal going to Ireland!

    1. HI Janet...thanks for stopping by. You should come to Ireland with me. Sew Many Places has put together a tour of Ireland...which happily coincides with the 2nd Annual Quilt Festival of Ireland. I can give you all the details.