Saturday, March 31, 2012

Barrister's Sow-a-long fun= Farmers Are a Blessing Quilt

I have been sowing along with Randy over that the Barrister's Block.  First and third Wednesday of the month she posts public domain patterns (finish 6").  I have also bought the  The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt where many of these patterns are also found, albeit with out cutting or sizing instructions.  In any case, there seems to be scores of quilters following along as well and I enjoy looking at the choices that others have made for their blocks. Through their links that take me back to their home blogs...something like the virtual Alice and falling in a hole in the stratosphere that not only takes me to wonderful places but it can also eat up a huge amount of time.  Back to quilting...
1. Contrary Wife...using some red hst's that are a cut-away from a 
red thread's spool quilt that is on the design wall.
2. Box...also using up some bonus red hst's from above mentioned quilt.

3. Basket weave...using a strip set that was in the scrap bin.
4.Attic Windows...really digging in the scrap bin here.
5. Autumn Tints...more scraps that come from G knows where, because I sure have not used these in any other quilt I have made.
6.Basket...I love basket blocks
 7. Bat Wing...I had to draw this out and do some paper bats are not all that scary!  Whoa that is a lot pink too.
8. Big Dipper...introducing the qst's now (quarter square triangles).
9. Birds in the Air...should have used a stronger contrast or accept the fact that the birds are so far up in the sky that they are hard to distinguish.
10. Bowtie...just a fun little block.
11. Broken Dishes....accomplished handily through the use of my new favourite tool...the 6.5" Easy Angle Ruler by Sharon Hultgren. Awesome results every time.
12.Broken Sugar Bowl ...more broken china...opa!
13. Butterfly at the Crossroads...this surely is  a good sign of spring.

14. Calico Puzzle...made with some calico scrap stash.
15. Churn of my favourite all time pieced blocks; done scrappy and using bonus red hst's.
16. Cut Glass of the non-broken remaining.
17. Flock...there are several traditional pieced blocks that refer to's another one.
18. Flower making these basket blocks
19. Friendship Star...there is a lot of pink in this quilt.  Time to toss in something a little stronger ...let's try cheddar.
20. Homeward Bound...another pink block!
21. Maple Leaf...bring on the cheddar again.

22. Peace and thankful for my easy angle ruler, it kick's the stuffing out of these tiny hst's.
23. Postage stamp...perfect corners and yes yet more pink.
24. Practical Orchard...calming soothing greens.
25. Prairie Queen...hang on here is more pink.
26 & 27...with the careful placement of fabric you can have either a Snowball

or a Shoo Fly (more bonus red hst's).
28. Wedding Ring...oh look pink and cheddar together.  I like it.
29.Whirlpool...have I mentioned how much I like my easy angle ruler for making these 1.5" hsts?
30. Wrench...if you go back and look at #15, it is the same block.
31. Bonus Basket baskets.
32. Sickle...yes I am looking for the connection too!
33.  Cross between a basket and an it.
34. Stars...another block favourite.

well that get's you caught up on my progress for the Barrister's Sow-a-long, and because of my A-type personality I have done a few more blocks than have been called for at this time.