Monday, March 12, 2012


The Edmonton & District Quilters' Guild supports two endowment awards at the University of Alberta, Clothing & Textile program (an undergraduate and graduate award). The Endowment committee each year has a number of funraising events to continue to contribute to those awards. So far this year we have held a Hi-Fibre Christmas Bake Sale and the still to be held the annual garage sale (May 5, 2012), Pennies while they still make sense and the Button Challenge.

The Button Challenge accepts button and or beaded items showcased at our year end banquet (June 13, 2012). These items will be raffled off at the banquet.

My submission is called "Clothesline". A white 'button and bead' shirt blowing in the Alberta summer breeze.

I started with a layer of clothes labels sewn down to a Timtex batting. The labels were gathered for me by my family members who volunteer at a senior centre cutting up used garments into rags (which are then sold as a fund raiser to machine shops etc) I painted these blue and green respectively in a 1/3 - 2/3 ratio to represent sky and foreground.

My clothesline pole is a chopstick coffee dyed overnight in a slowcooker of coffee. The reel is a larger dark grey/green button.

The shirt is adhered to the piece with pearlized white beads, which are also used for infill amongst the buttons.


  1. Beautiful I will have got get lots of tickets to win that. I have not started but have a few ideas. I started to cut out fabric for the guild challenge today.

  2. Very creative and wonderful unique piece!

  3. This has met and surpassed my expections! Well done, little sister. Is there two more, a pair of blue jeans and long johns (red of course) in the works?????? You are so clever!

    1. to my older sister...thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. The Blue jeans and long johns are a maybe. It didn't take too long once I got rolling. thanks you

  4. What a charming, delightful piece! It's going to take lots of tickets to ensure a win on this one. s

  5. What a fun piece kathy! It is going to sell a lot of tickets, I think :-)