Saturday, March 10, 2018

Love these apple greens

I love these apple greens that I have selected to work with my RSC2018 blocks. They lend themselves so well to refreshing my outlook and spirits. To get me started, I went through most of the stack of yellow greens and cut a 2.5" strip.

From these I sub-cut them into 5" pieces for another crayon quilt. A crayon quilt is a fantastic use for a multitude of cheery prints.

I also cut a 6.5" x 2.5" for my newest RSC obsession...X Plus Block. I found this @purplepoppyquilts on Instagram. This is cleaning out a lot of my charm squares, or at least seriously cutting down the charm square bin. My charm square bin is anything from 6.5" - 4" square.. For this quilt I have just grabbed anything from the top of the stack and trimmed to 4.5". These blocks are 10.5" unfinished. So, doing the math, I will make 100 blocks (four charms squares per block) for a 100 square inch quilt. Perfect. That will make a small dent in the bin (-400!). This means I have also got 800 2.5" neutral corners to use up. And isn't that what all this fabric is really for??

I further choose some others of my cutting campaign for a new Geese Migration block. I may have to make another of these, as I am totally smitten with this in spring green. Thank you Cynthia Brunz, of Quilting is more fun than Housework.

Of course, I did not neglect my RSC2018 Squared Away contributions. First one of three complete.

I have a lot of desk work in the week ahead, but will be taking an occasional breather to sew up what is already cut. To see what other fresh green happy madness is out there, click on this link, to get over to SoScrappy.

love and hugs


  1. You have been busy. So many pretty greens.

  2. I really like your X-Plus blocks! Thanks for the link to the video that shows how to make them. They look perfect for all kinds of scraps!

  3. A lot of green fabrics, what a great stash! Beautiful Geese block, and I love the dragonfly fabric on the last block!

  4. Beautiful job of dealing with your Spring GREEN scraps!!