Saturday, February 24, 2018

Catching up: Playing w Purple

For the month of February over at SoScrappy has been the colour of the month: Lavender/Purple.

I had to choose new RSC2018 blocks or projects and I have chosen two. The very talented Cynthia Brunz and her loyal followers shared this Migrating Geese technique all over Instagram and I just had to try it. Two of the first ones complete in purple and a second in red-violet. I now need to make these in blue!

At some point in the month of January I received an on-look inside the cover of Judy Gauthier book and fell into an trance as I watched these "circles" form in my mind. I had to execute at least two to get the flavor of the block. And while I could have proceeded with 'stealing' the pattern on line, I hope some karma will be on my side when I say that I actually bought the book from my LQS. While the author uses 4.5" pieces I chose to dial it back and use 2.5" pieces from my own scrap user system and my easy angle ruler rather than the "draw a line diagonally across the back of one square". I LOVE these blocks and think they will be an excellent RCS2018 block. As time permits I will go back to do some blues.

To see what other scrap-inclined-quilters might be up to this week, check out the linky-party over here at SoScrappy.

love and hugs


  1. Love those circle-y blocks - they look like more birds!
    I hear ya on that ethics stuff - I was looking at a "look inside" at a quilt I really really liked and there were enough instructions to make it. I went ahead and bought the book, so I could make the quilt with a clear conscience and reward the designer for all her hard work! It turned out that there were several other patterns in the book that I also want to make, so I was rewarded for my good behavior!

  2. No wonder you fell in love with the pattern. It's so dynamic, all whirling arouund. It looks like birds but also like flowers. Keep up the good work!

  3. Two great rainbow projects Kathy! I laughed, I also started migrating geese this week. Thank you so much for your nice comments yesterday, it made me feel a bit better!

  4. I have always admired the Geese Migration blocks, and yours look great! The new block you found really caught my eye, though. Perfect for the RSC!

  5. Beautiful blocks, I love them too! It's going to be a great rainbow quilt!

  6. Great job on those Geese Migration blocks. There will be a bunch of us sewing these blocks the first week of March. Hope you link up some of your blocks. :)