Saturday, March 31, 2018

Love Yellow Greens

I do love yellow greens, so much so that I want to make an entire quilt with this X-Plus Quilt with these used as the primary focus. I have drawn out a pattern using purple X-Plus blocks in the four corners and a sprinkling of aqua blues. I will throw them all up on the design wall before I commit to this pattern.
So far I have made: yellow green = 60/72, purple = 10/12, and aqua = 11/37. But I love what I am seeing.

I was recently called into g'ma duty when both of Diana's daughters had a PD day. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with my granddaughter on sorting out some salvages in preparing them to make a crocheted rug. This little 9 year old cracker jack caught on with the snip-slip-tug-knot connection that I use.

My heart is filled to over flowing when I look at this picture of her and I preparing the strings.

I have completed 3 yellow-green Red Cross blocks for the Squared Away Sampler. This is going to be such a fun quilt.

I have also been helping our Edmonton based Quilts of Valour, Canada representative by putting on a few bindings. Many hands make light and enjoyable work. This photo was taken the first day of spring 2018!

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all for now, love and hugs


  1. X-Plus is coming along nicely. LOVE that you have a helper!! We should all be SEW lucky.

    1. thank you, and yes I am so thankful for that little helper, I LOVE her SEW much♥