Thursday, February 12, 2015

String along with me

How much fun can one possibly have with pink string blocks? I love sewing them together and then opening up and pressing. Each one is a tiny gift. And just to keep it even more interesting, I have done a few yellow string blocks. True confessions working with yellow is my favourite of all colours.

What is my plan for using these? Not a clue at this point. Slice them in half diagonally and treating them like these Roll Roll Cotton Boll alternate blocks? I am open to suggestions...Or perhaps it is just to early to tell?

Roll Roll Cotton Boll string blocks
And I do love the these 16 patch centred Sawtooth Stars. It was fun to gather up the 2" pink squares and get them into this exciting block. These are really coming together quite beautifully...LOVE THEM.

16 Patch Sawtooth Stars
And this new RSC15 block is sew pretty. I made the choice to make 4.5" string block centre, and I so glad that I did.
To catch up on other pink loveliness from around the planet, check out the SoScrappy pinky-linky party.
love and hugs


  1. I love your blocks! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Great block and I even love how you colored your link to match (I may have to copy that!).

  3. What a beautiful star block. The string block in the corner is a the perfect choice.

  4. What a wonderful star block. I love how you put the string block in the pattern. It makes that pattern perfect!

  5. The string block in the star block is true inspiration. Lovely!

  6. Love your blocks! String blocks and quilts are among my favorites.

  7. I love all of your blocks. You have done a great job!

  8. Love strings and I love what you are doing with them!!

  9. Oh what pretties! Makes me want to do some stitching strings now! And great stars!