Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Showers Bouquet

Our friend Mary Holdgrafer is teaching a quilted postcards class at the Arts Festival on Gabriola this spring. In preparation for that, she has asked all her quilty friends to send her a 5" x 7" quilted postcard, and she will send us one in return.

I used a slice of an "expired inspiration" (sorry Joyce) as the base for my Spring Showers Bouquet.
I then added a few free cut circles of pink (the fabric colour of choice to use up in February).
I did some free motion quilting to hold them in place, sewed on a few small buttons (well away from the edge so as to not interfere with the post office machinery),  have written a cheery message on the back and it shall go into the mail in the morning.
Spring Showers Bouquet

Love and hugs to you all


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