Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wrap that Pink up in a bow and call it done

Roll Roll Cotton Boll...that has been the focus this week. I am leaving no rock unturned in my efforts to round up enough light neutrals to complete the 600 2" hst's. This will be the UFO that I take along to the UFO day planned today by my guild. Twelve hours of sewing, chatting, laughing, eating, snacking and some more sewing. This is the state at which it sits right 505! I have great expectations for myself to get a lot of this sewn together. I will take along the rest of the strips I have put together, get the cutting and piecing done. Next UFO to become a flimsy will be my RRCB.
I am very pleased with the pink-progress to date. I have a nice stack of pink-string-alongs.

and my pink-16-patch-throw-down (one more to do), and my two pink Block-in-a-Block Sawtooth Stars.

and some pink blossoms on a "Spring Showers Bouquet" quilted postcard for my friend Mary Holdgrafer.

Pink, aka February, has been a delightful month and I extend many many thanks to all of the other quilters that have shared their pink-bin-creativeness over at SoScrappy.
Love and hugs


  1. Great job on your pinks. Now it's on to yellow. Wonder what everyone is going to do with that color.

  2. Lovely strings. Great pink blocks for RSC15.

  3. So many pretty pinks. Great progress this month.

  4. What FUN, adding lime green in your PINK blocks and I'm certain that Mary is going to LOVE her quilted post card!!

  5. Love your pink string blocks! Just getting used to doing that myself. I also love the little pops of green. Adds a nice accent!

  6. you have done well with the pinks! love those sawtooth stars! I have no doubt you will complete your HST's at our sew in - sounds like a blast :-)

  7. Lots of pink fun happening in this post. Love, love, LOVE string blocks : )