Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farm Girl at Heart...cont'd

# 80 Carrie Nation
This is such a light airy block...just love it. I was delighted to use some tiny amber coloured 1 1/4" squares from my friend Brandis, leftovers from a mystery class we took part in 3 years ago.  Is that too long to keep those tiny pieces?
Patio Lanterns that I made with my tiny 1 1/4" pieces from the same class. The Quilt pattern was called Trail Mix.
One of the other benefits of quilting is coming across a block named Carrie Nation. The discussion could end there, or I could Google this name and learn about the very determined woman from the American Temperance League that this block was named for.

This experience reminded me of when I used to collect stamps as a young teen and I wondered who was this Alfred Noble guy that was featured on so many of the Swedish stamps.

Keep on asking questions, keep on learning, keep on creating.

love and hugs

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  1. Yes, Carrie Nation is a gem of a block. It's simple yet stunning. And I love your Patio Lanterns. Those yellows and golds just sparkle their way across the quilt. Beautiful!