Saturday, April 13, 2013

keep on Greenin'

SoScrappy is leading the scrappy charge for April and suggests we use up those green scraps. I am dedicating my green scraps to my other challenge, Farm Girl at Heart, another project lead by Randy over at the Barrister's Block. Two-birds-one-rock time.
This and That

No where is it written that we cannot move to some very old blue greens in the pursuit of scrappy happiness.

Darting Birds Set

I had great intentions to make one a day for the past week, but LIFE happened. So in the days ahead I will have to double my efforts to achieve my goal.

They are a little infectious, just want to quit my day job and make little tiny quilt blocks. This block, Chained Star, features some very-greyed out greens, but green none-the-less.

Chained Star
On Wednesday night my bee group met here and we auditioned sashings and cornerstones....standby for updates on that. There are still another 30 blocks, more or less, to make. In the meantime, are you wondering what others are doing with their green scraps...head over here.

Love and hugs


  1. How much fun it would be to quilt all day and not have to go to work? I can see why these blocks have called to you. They are just too cute.

  2. I did quit my day job - and I am having a blast!! I highly recommend it but it also means lots less green of the other kind.

  3. Love your blocks! You have been busy. By the way, I highly recommend retirement : D