Thursday, April 26, 2012

PA Class Projects (aka Or did I just sign up for more UFO's?)

I did tell you in the last post that a Pamela Allen class is the most fun a quilter could have with scissors and a glue stick.  But this went way beyond that.  We had a blast and have the scraps to prove it. Pamela led us with fearless abondon, though never recklessness.  All these pieces by my fellow classmates are in various stages and none of these representation should be considered the final rendition.  You should also know that the titles are mine, as I have intrepreted them.  What story are they telling me?

I wish I knew who she belongs to...maker unknown...but I think she is gorgeous
One of my favourite things about this class was seeing the intrepretation of each artist when it came time to do our assignments.

Jester Meets the Joker...Cathy T's horse is a paint named Joker.

Cupcakes for Mama by Cathy T.  I know she did some editing after this picture was taken, so the finished product will be a variation on this.

Love the Christine
Zoo Christine Diane S.
Summer Shopping Gerda
The eyes have it Gerda
Shark Kathy L.
 Andes Village Lise
Happy Couple...Marg H.
Central Park....Margaret M.
Mama and that Peacock...Maureen D.
O. My. Marg H.
She is Some Selma
Porch swing couple (or not) Selma
At the Sandra H.
Yellow Sandra H.
Lead Sheila J.

Borat in Love... byYvonne W.

Meeting my daughter for Birdie M.
 I look forward to seeing these at guild or better yet, at the EDQG Festival of Quilts 2013.

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