Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 2 of 3 with Pamela Allen

Pamela Allen is a guest of the Edmonton & District Quilters' Guild this weekend.  One more day of the most fun a quilter can have with just a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  We are creating fabric art: the human shape and how we relate to it.  Twenty artists in the class with twenty different interpretations.

Each day with are given a pop quiz.  We are given a portion of a piece of art and the exercise is to finish out the painting with our own fabrics

Two fish with Poppies: modified by Wanda Cracknell

lemons on table: modified by Kathy Strawson

Exchequer: modified by Sheila Jones

Gal with chicken: ?

2 Above: Women in chair (one seen from outside!): modified by ?
Day one we were to create some original art using fabric, scissors and a glue stick (a few samples to follow).  A lot of hand stitching using  a ladder stitch to be layered on.  I got a lot of pictures but of everyone's but my own Day 1 project!!  More to follow.
Bleeding Hearts: by Gerda deVries

Patio Table: Maureen Devich (knuckles shown here)

Fantasy Tree: Sheila Jones

Guinea Fowl: a Pamela Allen original got to hang in our studio space first day. There was another one today but I didn't take a picture...

A yet to be named fantasy bird: Kathy Logan de Chavez

Turtle: by Lise

Bikini  Snowbird (incomplete): by Kathy Strawson

Kathy L's got the blues (incomplete) : by Kathy Strawson

Tribal mask: by Gerda deVries

Happy Couple: by Marg Hryniew

 We are having a lot of fun and I will be posting again tomorrow night with the group works (with their permission)


  1. Great post. Yes day two was good. Hope to have more fun on Sunday.

    1. thanks Cathy, it was a great weekend. Me thinks I will spend a lot more time finishing than initiating!

  2. Too much fun!!! I love the daily challenge idea. Great work!

    1. thanks Darlene. Wish you could have been there, it was way too much fun.