Saturday, September 19, 2015

Orange you glad it's September

Orange you glad it is September and you get to play with all these oranges??!! I am loving these two sampler blocks as provided by Angela over at SoScrappy.

Meet Whirler
and Twirler
I cannot stop making the orange string blocks and some have already found there way into the next quilt. Remember the poppy painting from April? When I showed the picture to my 11 year old grandson, he asked innocently enough, "what about copyright Grandma"?

Well Ty, this quilt will be called "Poppyright", and it has been fun using up my yellow string blocks for the background, and red blocks for the poppies, and the green for the leaves (to come next), and the 'light orange' blocks down the left side and across the bottom to define the light coming in from upper right. I LOVE it, and this is what shall be waiting for me when I am back to the design wall in October. There are several more poppies to be added. I am just freehand drawing those on to Steam-a-seam and placing them randomly on the back of my red string blocks.

 Ditto for the leaves which are being made of the green string blocks. I am using metres and metres of green bias 'tape' that my late friend Lou Punko had made for the stems. This photo does not show the brilliance of the yellow. I will have a better shot outside to better capture the true colours once it is complete.
Check out all my friends sewing up lovely orange goodness over at SoScrappy.
Love and hugs....


  1. yum! yum yum yum! Where did the picture come from that your grandson mentioned copyright? The quilt is fab use of color and scrappy goodness. LeeAnna

    1. the painting was commercial art hanging in a local restaurant. I love the movement and texture of it.

  2. The yellow strings make a beautiful background. What a fun project. Great progress on the orange samplers too.

  3. Your Whirler and Twirler were SO scrappy that I didn't recognize them, at first! I just LOVE where you are going with your String Quilt. I would have just called it DONE, but you are taking it beyond! Well done.

  4. Your sampler blocks turned out beautifully. Poppyright looks amazing.

  5. Very cool idea for your strings! Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. I love your use of scraps for the whirler and twirler blocks. You certainly have come up with very creative uses for your string pieces, for the poppies and the sunlight. Please check out my blog post of Throwback Thursday Sept.10 for my similar idea from years ago, but I did not know about string piecing then. Keep up the great work!

  7. Great blocks. Poppyright looking GOOD! Kids are very smart these days.

  8. Oh, this is wonderful! Wish I could see it in person. Love the name for it!