Friday, September 11, 2015

Catching up is hard to do

Hello Again
I seems like a long time since I checked in added what's been happening in my studio and life. In August I was consumed by the making of these fancy pants four know that will be the end name of this quilt. My dilemma here is what to use for the sashing, while the objective is to sew up my stash...I am leaning to red and not either the grey (too wimpy) and the Barcelona border Jenny Beyers is too...old.

While I was playing with 4 patches, I was neglecting my Indigo RSC15 blocks, but I am happy to report now that they are done!

The background material for all three of these blocks was a indigo shibori class sample that my friend Lou Punko had in her estate sale. The bright blue shibori used in the Road to California block was a cotton hankie my friend Gerda DeVries brought back from her bicycle tour/visit to Japan in 2014.

The Sawtooth Star points of the Bull's Eye block was a another gift. This one from Marilyn Shinyei, started as a shibori place mat, another gift from Japan while she had been visiting her daughter there. The dark indigo of the Bull's Eye block is a scrap of raw silk from a kimono that was in my collection...gathered from where I do not recall.

Mr. Roosevelt's Bow Tie  and Sawtooth Star points were made of another indigo shibori scrap that came from Lou as well. I really love how this block turned out.

In August I also took Kim Caskey's Bird of Wisdom (JOY) class at  Earthly Goods. The technique learned here was lino cutting. I chose to use for my background a ''charity shop" embroidered table scarf. I used the same indigo silk kimono scrap here as my colour base. I loved the way this little technique's quilt turned out.

I made a few 16 patch centres which are for THAT other quilt that is being made simultaneously to the RSC15.

I did make the three ORANGE 16 patch in a Sawtooth Star. I love these orange beauties.

I have started a stack of orange string blocks as well, as there appear to be a lot of orange strings & strips etc that are calling to be dealt with.

I will get as caught up as possible before I head off to Scotland on Sept 21 with Celtic Quilt Tours. There shall be 12 days of making merry and mayhem in bonny Scotland. We will visit castles, patchwork shops, hunt for the Loch Ness Monster, take a quilt class from Ann Hill, visit a distillery and sew on and sew on. Their itinerary for Ireland 2016 is also posted on their website. You should come too.

While you think about that you should check out the other orange scrappy happiness at SoScrappy.

Love and hugs


  1. You have made so much. I likeee. Scotland sounds terrific and all the scots I've met have been lots of fun

    1. thank you, I lucked on the September long weekend with nothing booked except two full days of studio time. And then of course the orange string blocks are so addicting! Cant. Stop.

  2. You've been very busy! The indigos are gorgeous, and I love all the happy oranges.
    Envying you the trip to Scotland! I spent a few days there a decade ago, and I so very much want to go back someday!

  3. Your indigo saw tooth star blocks are gorgeous. Very effective use of color. All the orange blocks are bright and fun.

  4. What wonderful bits of INDIGO in your RSC Sampler blocks and you've made a GREAT start on ORANGE month. Enjoy your travels!!

  5. Oh my! I love all the indigo stars, but I don't know if I could've cut up those treasured fabrics. Good on you for being brave! Your Scotland trip sounds wonderful - hope you will blog about it!

  6. So many things to comment about:
    1. I like the fabric you have in the background of your first picture. It almost disappears so your blocks pop. Jinny Beyer is too busy and overpowers your blocks.
    2. The Japanese fabrics are just beautiful in your RSC indigo blocks. Great statement making blocks.
    3. I just love the whimsy of your Bird of Wisdom (Joy) piece. Just so pretty.
    4. The 16 patch blocks in indigo and orange are terrific.
    5. Enjoy the Scotland trip. Sounds like so much fun.

  7. Enjoyed going back thru your blogs for glimpses of your Celtic tours. Have fun on. The next one. Your indigos are beautiful, each one unique and with special memories.

  8. You have a lovely collection of Indigo stars, also your orange ones!
    Do enjoy your holiday in Scotland and I'm sure we all look forward to hearing of your travels.

  9. It is so much fun to recall where all of the fabrics for a block originated. Your indigo blocks are beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous blocks! My goodness you have been busy!