Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Sprouts and Slabs

I have been creating using blue green scraps and bits to create these beautiful Sprouts. There will be another month to use pale blues. I need more neutral backgrounds to fall in the bin.

I will definitely need to make more yellow ones.

I have been on a mission and building slab blocks (design shared by Cheryl Arkison) that are being used in a "Quilting for Calgary" quilt that my U of A work place bee group (MM's stands for Material Management) have all contributed to.  So this explains where some of my yellow and blue-green scraps have gone.

Speaking of the very generous, Matt and Bradie of Sparrow Studioz, have opened their studio for the next two Sundays (already had 3) to anyone able to help with finishing the dozens and dozens of flimsies that are arriving daily at the Studioz (for quilting & binding). I got my very first try on a LA at Kim Caskey's machine helping with the pile. What a great deal of fun that was and could become quite addicting.  Thanks to Kim for guiding me through the process and advancing the machine at the end of each row. This quilt will be donated to the "Quilting for Calgary" and given to a victim of the horrific Alberta June Monsoons.

Our quilt in now quilted and ready for binding. AND yes, now that I see it hanging there I see I should have moved those two orange blocks so they were adjoining.


  1. Judy MorningstarJuly 14, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    Isn't longarming fun?? Come visit me and play on my new Millennium!

    1. Judy, I would love to do that anytime! Just a road trip away.

  2. Your sprouts are just so cute! You have made a wonderful donation quilt - it will surely be appreciated.