Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding Inspiration in Yellow

I recently saw a picture of an Italian lemon stand submitted by Mark Lipinski on Facebook.This photo inspires me on many make a monochramitc lemon/yellow/dusty pale orange quilt. And also inspired to travel to Italy and find a lemon stand of my own.

I have a fondness for yellow myself. My mom always called me her Golden Girl, perhaps because I wear yellow so well, or she held out hope that I would perform well in an Olympic sport (sorry to dissappoint on that front).

There would be a challenge in making a yellow quilt, as some self-appointed quilt police, say that yellow should be used very sparingly in a quilt.  I loved making the yellow slab blocks for our Alberta June Monsoon Relief Quilt. and the yellow sprouts also found in the same post.

The more I mull this over, the more I want to get into my studio and pull out every piece of yellow I have and rev up the Bernina and see where it takes me.

love and hugs

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  1. When I was a child I thought yellow and grey looked good together. These days I'm not much of a lover of yellows but pale, buttery yellows and golden sunflowery yellows are appealing. The photo is beautiful. I'm eager to see your yellow quilt!