Saturday, March 9, 2013

Three beautiful Saturdays in a row!

Life sometimes throw out little nuggets that I just love.
For instance I recently had a flat tire and while thinking how am I going to get this fixed (or moved to be fixed) I thought about my Hyundai Roadside the road is in front of my house so that qualifies. Well it qualified indeed...they sent over an AMA truck within 60 minutes. Donut on and I was off to the tire repair shop (screw in tire!!).

Creative time included a stop at Urban Scrapbook to register for my Thursday Techniques Classes (cannot show you any pictures as these are intended to be used a family gifts), and then home to finish a Disappearing 9-Patch for the EDQG charity project and another block for my Farm Girl at Heart, #77 Smokehouse and #78 Domino Net

#77 Smokehouse
#78 Domino Net   

I have also started another mystery quilt over that the Prairie Quilt Mercantile site...this one they are calling Plenty of Fish, I have chosed to use 50 shades of grey and have finished step one.
50 shade of grey step one
love and hugs


  1. I am loving the grey one to bits... might it be modern? hahah

    1. well you know from experience that we can date quilts by the colours of fabrics used. This one 50 years from now will be easily dated by the colour grey or the inference. I do love the modern quilts and their use of grey. What about you fancy a modern quilt?