Friday, March 15, 2013

Christmas preparations in March

  My office was in need of a replacement wreath. Enter my friend Wanda Cracknell and her knowledge and experience making 'Christmas Bauble' wreaths. Wanda is a very talented artist and masterful "re-purposer".

 It takes a lot of baubles to make one of these special wreaths. We had been collecting 'baubles' for months.

 To start with I covered a styrofoam wreath with glue soaked red fabric and then wrapped with red and white garland. I want to use this 'vintage' glass Santa that was a part of the ephemera of odd Christmas decoration that are no longer used at home and find a place at the office.
 Starting with the larger balls I laid them out in a random pattern before I started hot-gluing them in place. Survived a whole day of gluing and only one hot-glue blister!

 Thinking about how I want Santa  - at right angles with the hanger or just slightly tilted to the right, and then the auditioning of the baubles begins.

Drum roll please....
I/we now have the most awesome Santa/Bauble wreath.  I am so thrilled with the final results and can hardly wait for just gleams and twinkles...and will be an awesome showpiece in our front office.

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