Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have spent a few glorious hours in the studio this morning sorting and cleaning.  I have started to get my "kit" organized for going to Quilt Canada Halifax 2012. Karen Menzies' Mystery Art Quilt requires a variety of black/whites/and colourful grahics...this should be fun.

Also with Karen is Fun with Silks, a lovely pile of dupioni silks are ready to be packed, along with a few self-painted silk scarves (what was I thinking?).

I have also found a few scraps (2.5" x 12" is enough) that had to be made into another of the Sow-a-long block.  Like a recovery program for fabric-aholics..."One Block at a Time".

#54 Hooker's Hat Patch...who comes up with the names for these blocks?

Happy Mother's Day to you all...wishing you all the best...cheers


  1. Love your fabric choices! Have a great time at the class...I am green with envy!

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you for your comment. Quilt Canada conferences are so-sew great. Aside from the quilting I get to do, the very best part is seeing my nation-wide friends again. Are you a CQA member?