Thursday, May 17, 2012

a few quiet moments alone

After last night's emotionally charged guild meeting, I am spending a few quiet moments in the studio tonight.  Stitching.  Thinking. Being very thankful.  For family, for work that I enjoy, for my good health and for a passion that puts me in touch with so many wonderful friends.

I continue to work on my FWQ blocks.
#55. Yankee Puzzle

I love the look of that orange/blue/violet plaid! I only had one six inch square, there was creative piecing to get enough pieces to finish this off. The background fabric is the backing off my new quilt "Love on a hot afternoon".

56. Whirlwind, pardon the loose bits of thread.

57. Aunt Sukey's Choice: I love this raspberry scrap that came through the garage sale.

58. Linoleum

I wish you all the time and heart to do the right things.


  1. looks good. Are these from some pattern book or off the internet? if so what site?

    1. continuation of the blocks provided by our intrepid leader Randy at the Barrister's Block. I have 'sewed' ahead on some of the FWQ blocks which she may or may not lead us to.

  2. Everyone needs "me" time. Enjoy yours Kathy.