Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scrappy Saturday Catch-up: January/Red

Scrappy Rainbow Challenge Saturday, well Friday night as I will be on the road early Saturday. I thought I would make a collection of nine patches as I clean off the top of the scrap bin. So at this pace it is not too exciting (and out of focus to boot). But there will be some additions, ie March, April, etc.

In an attempt to play some catch up here, I have decided to do a very red scrap spool challenge covering off the month of January. February will just have to wait.

This is from the book Cut the Scraps, by Joan Ford. These are large pieces compared to the standards of Bonnie K. Hunter, but each have their own use-it-up commitment.

While it is not suggested in the book, as I have drawn my corner to corner line, I have also moved the ruler over another half inch and marked another line. There by creating a bonus set of triangle when tidied and squared are 4" and 2 1/2" respectively: seed for another quilt in my further. BaZinGa!

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement you have all shared. Happy Saturday you Scrappers.

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