Monday, December 12, 2011

Orca Bay Step 4

It has been wonderful being in this on-line world-wide retreat with quilters working on their Orca Bay mystery quilts. Their colour choices, 'mq' progress and snippets into their other lives (family, pets, holiday plans, other quilts, etc) has been a wonderful gift.

I loved that I got to bring on the new colour into the mix this

Add to this a stack of recycled phone book pages cut to 5.5" square (64)

sew them together to get the most delicious string blocks

the variety and scale of prints make for some lovely string blocks ...make a large stack while you are at it...

Starch, press and then pare down to 5 1/8" and cut in half diagonally for the finished stack of triangles which are just lovely.

Done and Done...!

But it was not all quilting this weekend. I also attended a dance recital for two of my granddaughters, Tanea and Odessa. What shining stars they are in my life.

A 3 year old getting her dancing slipper on straight all by herself.

Every dancer deserves the freshest and prettiest roses available.

Wishing you all the very best and bring on Friday December 15 and Part 5!


  1. Your fabrics are scrummy! Your granddaughters are lovely too! My blocks are making me trail behind. Will definitely have to catch up.

  2. Beautiful girls and lovely string blocks.

  3. Love your colors - your fabrics - and your blocks!! Looks like you are all caught up, too - I am so jealous! ;))

  4. Wow looking good. I have some of that fabric. Ha ha. Your little dancers are so cute. Love the thought of roses for them.

  5. Your blocks look great ! I was trying to send you an email but could not find a contact, not could I reply to your comment on my blog.

  6. Your blocks look very nice but pale in comparison to your two grand-daughters!