Saturday, January 23, 2016

Twinkle Stars complete

Over at SoScrappy the colour of the month January is Blue (with an accent of purple) and a suggested pattern for the Column Along 2016 is this lovely Twinkle Star. And I LOVE it. And all 9 are now made (apologies I should have hung that a little straighter).

I have made a Fabric Blue Board and  Light Blue Scrap box to create a 'pretty' side to this scrappy-string-saving venture. Not sure yet if it will also house the Indigo, Blue Greens, Aquas...or if they shall all receive their own bin. Only time will tell. But I do look forward to getting the primary Colours done first, secondary and tertiary colours all in good time. A note to self, use a cotton batting and not a polyester one working with a hot glue gun!

I know I am invested in my Quilty 365 by Turning 65/Daily Hi-Temp quilt, that when the morning weather man says we are going to have a high of -10C today, and I automatically translate that to mean red-violet circle day. We have a few purple days too, -11 to -20. I know that we will also get a few blue days, -21 to -30. Recommendations for a colour for the days that will have a daily hi of colder than -31?

Or I can get specific with the backgrounds and select this particular one to mark this -5 Monday January 18 (a teal day).  Recognizing that this city's major newspaper, Edmonton Journal, laid off some very good people.

I have continued to create more blue string block (on the right), and I am adding to the already de-papered 2015 stack (on the left). I have been researching (aka - time spent on pinterest) different quilts made with string blocks. Options are endless!

Linking up with SoScrappy to see a sea of endless blues.
Love and hugs


  1. For negative 30, you could just use a white circle, because that kind of temp is just right over the edge! (When I lived in far northern Vermont, we'd always get a week or two of -30 temps in January. Brrr...)

  2. It looks like you've been keeping your sewing machine humming. Nice projects!!

  3. Love your approach to Quilty 365!! And I am drooling over your Twinklers.

  4. White sounds right for really cold days. What a fun way to keep track of the days. Your star blocks are just beautiful!

  5. Your Twinkle Star blocks look wonderful!

  6. I need to get caught up with my circles for Quilty 365 -- I like your version!

  7. Beautiful Twinkle Stars! I love your approach with the 365 circles - tying them in with the daily temp is such a good idea.