Saturday, October 24, 2015

UFOs...why I start them

UFO, are not unto themselves such a bad thing. (Says she will a list an arm length long). But think about it, UFO can best be described as a creative idea expressed in fabric (for quilter artists), in glass (for glass artists), in yarn (for knitters), in embroidery thread (for needle crafters), and so on. To make my point about carpenters I only have to point the camera in the direction of my son's wood shop. I digress.

So I saw a great 2" scrap buster over on Quiltville. Two four patches joined end to end and paired with a 3.5" by 6.5" and set staggered style...or Barn Raising...I doodled the design down and made a few rows to capture the essence of the pattern. I have used blue as my dominate colour of the larger rectangles, but the 2" bits are anything goes. This will now become my leader and ender project.

I used blue and cut pieces as I hunted through the drawers and bins looking for just the right bright pinks, oranges, turquoise and blues for my next weekend class at Earthly Goods.
We will be using this ruler and pattern.

This yellow gray is my background choice.

I KNOW I am my own worst enemy.

Back to my UFO pile: it will be seriously be worked on between now and Christmas, as a few of these have been identified as presents for my grandchildren.

Today I am getting the Tumalo Trail put together, all the blocks are made, and the backing ironed. 
I love these cows! This is for the oldest grandson, born into a family of ranchers. Enter the brown theme for the SoScrappy aficionados that are keeping up with making all sorts of lovely chocolate, mocha, and espresso flavored blocks.

Much love and hugs to you all


  1. Good luck with your class, your quilt, AND your new UFO!!! :P

  2. cows!! Cows are love! Have I told you I used to live in Edmonton?? So cold, but it's where I learned to make quilts. So many good memories. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    wish we could have a cup of something and chat sometime...

  3. You have a nice group of UFOs that you can be proud of. The cattle print is ideal for a rancher boy, a good find. Keep up the good work.

  4. How now brown cow. Finishing off UFOs from time to time is surely satisfying in so many ways. Having a few quilts in the mix does keep things interesting though. It is nice to have different projects in each stage for whatever mood strikes.

  5. I have some of that brown cow/barbed wire print - I love it!! Happy UFO'ing --

  6. Good luck on working on UFO's. I am going to check out Bonnie's barn raising quilt because of have lots of scraps.

  7. Oh I am the Queen of UFO's (I have to admit I recently ..gasp...even threw out some!!
    Heresy I know--but they were sewn so badly--just uckey!!)) ; they hang or are clothes pinned to hangers in my back closet--they are always arguing about which one I'll pick to finish up--or if I EVER will ("helloooo--do you even know we're in here?") Anyhoo, I love "starting"--finishing not somuch--enjoy your new leader-ender--I need to get myself one of those....I can hear them all whispering--"there
    she goes again!!" hugs --great post Julierose

  8. I don't even want to think about UFO's - they just keep appearing. I saw those cows and barbwire fencing and thought they would be a perfect quilt for a farmer/rancher. You have some great projects in the works. Lots of variety to play with.

  9. Beautiful colors and prints. LOVE the cows. As well as the blue scrap buster project.
    Working through my UFOs has been my priority for a few years,