Saturday, December 13, 2014

Trying to stay caught up

But trying to stay caught up with what...there are so many choices this time of year. Concerts, shopping, baking and of course the online MQ Grand Illusions. I was so busy piecing this past week to get Step # 2 before Step # 3 was published, and even I did not have time to write and post at the Linky Party. 

But I learned a few things along the way. Clean as you go, cut a few to get you started the next time you have a chance to sit in front of the Bernina and a new way to turn parallelograms into rectangles. The 100 blocks are made and marinating in the bin along with the 200 Broken Dishes blocks and 80 hst's. The clips only stay on for the counting part of the process and then then help to clip the next step.

I am very happy to report that in Step #3 that 50 of the required 120 8-patches are pressed, counted and clipped together.

While I am doing all that I have started (leader and ender) a Tumalo Trail with assorted (and lively) nine patches. Pictured here the first two blocks. I LOVE THEM as much as I LOVE the GRANDSON this quilt is intended for. 

 I promise the next posting won't be so long, but I had a lot of catching up to do this time.

So much to sew and so little time.


  1. Way to keep up! I am half way there on clue three too, but now at work til 7 so that slows me down!

  2. Great job on the mystery! I've made Tumalo Trail too and it's one of my very favorites!

  3. Way to go on your Mystery work!!

  4. You are making good progress!