Saturday, September 14, 2013

Those Baby Blues

I am loving this soft blue colour this month and have created a couple of sprouts to get me started. I seem to have alot of those vintage light blue and florals or from the "Remember the Calico" period of my quilty life.

I found enough (it takes 12) yellow 2" squares to make one more yellow sprout. I expect that this is will be how it goes in this challenge, as the more that I rout around looking for the next colour, I will find more of a former. Not necessarily a bad thing.

All this while working on my Plenty of Fish MQ, picking that name up from a popular on-line dating service. In keeping with the spirit of the fun I have named mine "50 Shades of Grey" and I am on Step 7, while others have theirs finished I know. This mystery is hosted on FB by the girls at the Prairie Quilt Mercantile.

Check out this amazing patty pan squash I 'found' in the garden this week. To prepare I steamed it for 10 minutes in large pan (resting on a custard cup) in a hot water bath.  After I removed the seeds I then scooped out the flesh with a melon baller to within a 1/2 of the skin (which is totally edible). These I chopped roughly and added to a mix of sauted bacon, onions and garlic. I piled that mixture back into the shell and before I put the lid on, I finished it off with about a 1/2 cup of freshly grated parmesan. The two halves back together and roasted for 20 mins. mmmmm. Love this time of year. I am also happy to report that is was great as leftovers in my lunch on Tuesday.

I think the other one will be cut in half, seeded, sliced about 1/2 thick, dredged in egg then dipped in seasoned panko crumbs and either fried or over roasted. I will keep you posted on t he variety of ways it will take to comsume all of these beauties. Anyone with another great recipe is to please chime in.

I did a Sketchy Challenge page, hosted by The Canadian Scrapbooker, of my granddaughter's new LadyBug Boots. It is a fun little exercise to do with the pictures I have already and an hour of time to really showcase the little people that I love so much.

While I had the materials out, I also did a page of my granddaughter and her Auntie Cyndi on their epic "Madi's Awesome Mountain Adventure" that they took to Jasper in June 2013.

To see what other blue loveliness is going on over at SoScrappy, check in here.
with love and hugs



  1. Loving your sprouts...what a great scrap project that is!

  2. LOVE your sprouts and your light blue fabrics !!

  3. Beautiful blue sprouts. I am glad that yellows keep turning up. Getting everything used up is so much more fun than storing them.

  4. Looking really good. You have a nice collection of fabrics

  5. Love the sprouts. Stacked up they look like a beanstalk! Where's Jack?