Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seeing Red

And so, tell me. Where is the time going? Already the 24th of August and I am barely keeping  up. However, I did make a few more red sprouts

and while I still had blue green 2" square I made a few more sprouts to add to that part of my garden.

and we celebrated my oldest son's birthday, here shown with his two of his neices and nephew. As little Madi calls him...Uncle Warry.
This Puffin on Red string blocks I made for our "Little Birdie Told Me" EDQG Endowment challenge. I had pressed it and scorched it and was so dissappointed about getting it into the raffle, however I have washed in the kitchen sink, laid it flat to dry on a drying rack and it has come through almost perfect. I will have to hang this in my office now anytime I want to celebrate the colour red.
Embroidery pattern courtesy of 2008 Canadian Quilters' Assoc St. John's local organizing committee

Last weekend the Alberta Regional Lily Society met at the garden of my good friends Shauna & Terry Willoughby, Lily hybridizers and fancy fowl aficionados. Their chicken, Silkie, was keeping track of me that I did not disturb the koi fish in the pond.

Their lilies are spectacular this year.
To check out other red quilted loveliness, be sure to check out SoScrappy's Rainbow Challenge over here.
love and hugs to all


  1. What sweet little sprouts. Glad you were able to keep your collection growing.

  2. Great red sprouts. Most of my lilies are done.

  3. The sprouts look like fun. Great way to use up scraps.

  4. Glad your sprouts are still sprouting!